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I'm a Bengali author who is well known for writing Samay Tomar Haat Dhore, Pipasa Jakhan, Bibaha Dot Com, Bastaber Arale, Mahaplaban, Choto Galpo, Rili, Andhokare Bhalobasa. Please feel free to look around for information on my books, answers to frequently asked questions or any latest updates.



NEW BOOK LAUNCHED in Kolkata International Book Fair

Synopsis of the book given :

'Su' (short for Shubho) means good or pure, 'man' is an insightful mind and 'kalyan' stands for welfare. Sumankalyan was named so by his parents hoping that he will grow up to be a thoughtful individual looking out for the welfare of others.
But little did they think that the young child would grow up to be an exceptional detective. The man was so gifted that he could determine a person's identity, nature of murder and history just from a severed limb or a body because he had the unique ability to think from a killer's perspective.
His complex way of thinking was so unfathomable that it was beyond the author's scope of understanding. In this book, our author follows the detective through his adventures as he unravels one mystery after another.

Buy From Amazon : https://www.amazon.in/dp/8194082412?ref=myi_title_dp