1) How can I contact you?
- I do not engage in private correspondence with readers, out of respect for their privacy and my own.
You can contact me through my Facebook id https://www.facebook.com/banani.sikdar.3
my mail bananisikdar43@gmail.com

And also through my Publisher Priya Book house.64, College Street, Kolkata-700073.

Any interview, translation, film advanced copy, event or appearance request must go through my personal assistant Mohua at 9307198903 or my Publisher.

2) Is their going to be a sequel to your autobiography: Samay Tomar Haat Dhore?
- Yes, it is a trilogy so there will be one more in the series. The writing is in progress but the title is still undecided. Stay tuned for more updates!

3) Is there going to be a sequel to your book: Rili?
- No, it was always a two book series and Rili is the end. But there are more books waiting for us and you can check them out in the Books section!

4) Is writing your hobby or profession?
- Initially I had started writing as a hobby along with my teaching career. But after the release of my first autobiography I quit teaching and took up writing as a full-time job.

5) Which is your first novel?
- Bastober Arale

6) Where do you get your ideas?
- My interactions with interesting people, traveling to new places, movies, reading good books, basically any new or old memorable experiences get my creative juices flowing.

7) Did you always want to be a writer?
- As a kid I was very expressive and always curious. I wanted to transfer all my thoughts and experiences on paper. I would write short stories but was too shy and slightly hesitant to share it with my family or friends. But I had decided one thing for certain and that is no matter when or where, someday I would get my thoughts and ideas out in the world for others to read. And now I have finally made it happen.

8) What is your favourite book?
- Bibaha Dot Com. I loved the presentation and the writing style. It was well written and the words seemed to flow effortlessly.

9) How long do you take to complete writing a book?
- It could be anywhere between 4-8 months depending on my source of information, my personal responsibilities, environmental disturbance and my everchanging source/sources of inspiration.

10) How can I meet you or get a signed copy?
- You can get a signed copy or meet me(I am flattered!) at Boimela every year. There is no fixed date but it is held in the first quarter of each year.