I am a self-retired teacher who is currently residing in Kolkata and occasionally with my stubborn daughter in Pune. I have done double post-graduation in Zoology and Journalism.
My passion for writing started very young with the need to express my life and emotions through words. Even when I worked as a teacher I strived for more knowledge and constantly had to refrain myself from going on a writing hiatus because I had a family to support. Now that my daughter is finally old enough to fend for herself I have decided to fulfil my long forgotten desire. I feel fortunate that I have someone who backs me up and encourages me. I am thankful for her honesty and guidance. I am also thankful to my husband who supported my dreams.

And lastly I would like to mention my parents. It is because of them that I got to experience all the highs and lows of life. You will always be in my prayers.